Degree Descriptor

On completion of short cycle leading to Diploma in Instrumental/Vocal Performance, the following criteria shall be fulfilled:

Knowledge and understanding
Students have gained the necessary insights to approach subject matter in individual manner. They possess general understanding of theories, concepts and methods used in music. They recognise major trends and schools in music and understand how they relate to other arts. Students have developed the ability to rationalise practical solutions in music and are able to apply their knowledge and understanding to artistic creation.

Type of knowledge
Students have obtained knowledge of musical techniques and methods, music performance and interpretation. Students have developed the ability to interpret music from different pages of musical history and participate in various kinds of ensembles.

Practical skills
Students have acquired technical skills needed to publicly perform music and can apply critical thinking in independent and structured manner within their subject. They have nurtured imagination and insights, as well as developed certain autonomy in interpreting various styles in musical history. Students can prepare, organise and carry out projects within their subject.

Theoretical skills
Students possess the necessary skills to formulate and discuss theoretical issues. They are able to apply critical methods in order to analyse assignments. Students have acquired understanding of main theories and concepts in music. They are able to rationally present own views and decisions from artistic point of view.

Communication and information literacy
Students have developed critical view of own work and work of others. They have received the necessary training to be able to appear before audiences and perform complex works from different periods in music history. They are able to actively participate in cooperation and assume the position of leader in various kinds of ensembles. Students know how to search information on music and are able to process this information. They have enhanced social skills needed for being a member of a democratic society.

Learning skills
Students have developed the necessary learning skills and autonomy that enables them to continue to further studies.